Non conventional careers part 2 – Trek Organizer

Non conventional careers part 2 – Trek Organizer

What skill sets/qualities are required to be successful trekker/trek organizer?

To be a successful trekker/trek organizer, one needs to physically fit as trekking is an activity which requires a lot of strength and stamina. One also needs to have a thorough knowledge of various trekking equipment.

Is any educational qualification required to pursue this career?

No educational qualification is required to pursue this career.

Any other add-on complimentary courses?

There are a few add-on courses a certified trekker must do. The first and the most important one is the First Aid course. The other course one should do is the rock-climbing course.

Which are the good institutes to train?

To be a certified trekker, one needs to do the Basic Mountaineering Course (BMC) and Advanced Mountaineering Course (AMC). These courses can be done in the Atal Bihari Vaypayee (ABV) located in Manali. Another institute from where these courses can be done is the Jawaharlal Nehru Institute (JNI) located in Jammu Kashmir. Both these courses are 1 month courses each.

Are internships important in this career? Where can you intern?

Gaining experience is very important for this career as the training in the institutes and taking people for treks in real life are two different things. One can only become by training and practicing. One can intern with various trekking units out there to understand the nature of work a little better.

Is this career a good paymaster?

Yes, this career is a good paymaster. Certified trekkers can go on various expeditions or just take people for treks and get good money out of it as more and more people are seeking out adventure activities.

Things to keep in mind while organizing a trek?

The status of the venue where you will trek is important to know beforehand. You medical kit always needs to stay updated as well as the various trekking equipments. Your mode of transportation also needs attention because if you are travelling by local transport such as trains and buses, you need to know the timings and back-up timings of these transportations. It is also a good habit to stay in touch with the local villagers of the venue of your trek as they can be of major help if you get stuck somewhere.

What challenges can one face while pursuing this career?

One of the challenges one can face would be regarding volunteers. One needs to have skillful volunteers who have thorough knowledge of this field as well. Another challenge one can face is motivating and helping the participants who are unable to continue or injured, complete the trek. Also another issue one can face is competitors in the market. One needs to have competitive rates to stay in this business.

Is it difficult to find customers? What marketing strategies can be used to build client base?

It is little difficult to find customers in this career as there are many trekking units out there. People have a lot of options which makes it a tad bit difficult to find customers. Marketing can be done both ways – Online and Offline. Online marketing can be done by posting pictures, itineraries of the trek on various social media platforms. Offline marketing can be done by word of mouth.

What is the future of this career?

It is considered as one of the booming careers of the 21st century as more and more people are shifting their focus from traveling to adventure activities. So it is safe to say that pursuing this career at this time would be good idea if you interested in adventure activities and if you have a passion to pursue it.

The best and the worst things about this career?

“The best thing about this career is that you get to meet new people, make new friends, explore new places and you get to rejuvenate yourself amidst nature. The worst things about this career are injuries, accidents and the competitive market” says Sushil Gogri, an enthusiastic trek organizer who has been in this field for the past 10 years.

One piece of advice to someone aspirin to be a certified trekker? 

One advice to someone aspiring to be a certified trekker would be to maintain certain ethics and some demeanor when on a trek. One should also take the responsibility of lives of people coming for a trek seriously and make sure no harm comes to anyone.

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