Non conventional careers part 3 – Zumba trainer

Non conventional careers part 3 – Zumba trainer

What skill sets/qualities are required to be a successful Zumba instructor?

Zumba requires a lot of hardwork and dedication, a lot of time and effort goes into teaching it to others, utter commitment and one needs to be very firm and strict when it comes to sticking to routine. You also need to be a physically fit person as the people who come to you to learn Zumba will first see how fit you are to continue on with learning it. Learning Zumba also requires knowing Acupressure. This is very important because when you are teaching some exercises to people and for some or the other reason, the person is not able to do it or puts pressure on the wrong part of the body, you need to know how to help that person relieve from the pain.

From where can you get training to be a certified Zumba instructor?

There is a certificate training course by a woman of the name Sucheta Pal. She offers her regular classes at different locations and different timings in Mumbai and also in other locations like Pune, Chennai and Bangalore.

Any other add-on complimentary courses?

There are a few add-on courses one can do which compliment Zumba. One can learn Yoga as it teaches us stretching exercises and Aerobics which helps improve your stamina and helps improve the flexibility of the body.
Another important add-on course every instructor must learn is Acupressure, the reason for which was mentioned above.

Is it a well-paying career?

If you are a certified Zumba instructor and you have your own classes, this career is definitely a good paymaster. With 7/8 students under your care, one can earn upto almost Rs 12,000-13,000 per batch on an average.
If you are not a certified instructor and if you are working under someone, your pay will get distributed with those working with you, but you can still earn upto Rs 3000-5000 per batch on an average.

An instructor’s typical day at work?

For people who work full time as a certified trainer, they can have more than one batch of students in any two parts of the day for example few batches in the morning and few batches in the evening. And they can leave the afternoon for their own training.
For people who work part time, can have one batch in any one part of the day – either morning or afternoon or evening, according to their other profession’s timings.

What challenges would you possibly face as a Zumba instructor?

One major challenge Zumba instructors face is constantly learning and updating self on different types of Zumba. Knowing just the basic form of Zumba isn’t enough as people constantly want to try out new and fun ways of getting fit. People are wanting to learn different forms of Zumba like Aqua Zumba, Zumba Toning, Zumba Sentao, Plate by Zumba and many such different forms and just the plain, old regular form of Zumba. Hence, learning new forms of Zumba has become important to meet the clientele demands.

Is there any difficulty in finding clients? What marketing strategies can be used to build client base?

It is not difficult to find clients in this field, as fitness has become one of the most important part of people’s lives in this generation. Most of the clients ask for personal sessions at their homes and at the time of their convenience.
Marketing strategies include both- online and offline marketing.
Online marketing can be done by gathering up all the instructors at your workplace and shooting a video of a song or a workout session and posting it on your company’s social media pages like Facebook, Instagram. You can have live video streaming of the sessions on various social media sites. One can forward messages of their upcoming Zumba sessions or classes with timings on whatsapp groups and sending it both your old and new clients.
Offline marketing can happen with the distribution of flyers and posters of the classes which can include timings and upcoming batches, etc. It can also be done by word of mouth.

What is the future of this career?

Zumba, as a career, has a very good scope and a very good future. More and more people are trying the “Fit lifestyle” and “Healthy living”. Everyone is becoming more and more conscious of their body and appearance. Zumba is one of the most fun ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle where you can let loose and have a relaxing time from your daily routine.

The best and the worst things about this career option?

The best thing about this career would be that it’s a fun and relaxing way to earn your pay. If you love dancing and if you are a health freak, then Zumba is definitely for you. Teaching what you love to other people is always an enjoyable experience. Also, it feels good to know that you are contributing to improve someone’s physical health.
The worst thing about this career would be the instability and fluctuation one faces in the initial stages. You may have a very good client base and a good pay maybe in the first month of work and maybe in the second month, you may have barely a few clients and less money.

One piece of advice for people pursuing Zumba as a career?

Miss Riya Chheda, a Zumba instructor, says that, “It is important to continue to persevere and be committed to your profession and not giving up. It will be difficult in the initial stages and money will be hard to come by, but persevering on is the key.”

This interview was given by Miss Riya Chheda, an instructor herself. We, at Pursuit Career Managers, are very thankful to her for providing us with a lot of useful information regarding Zumba and helping all the confused souls out there and giving them hope and motivation that it is okay to pursue unconventional careers.

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